bringing the joy of theaters
to communities

who we are

Teatro las Tablas is a non for profit corporation that works with individuals artists, artists groups, individual residents and group of residents in the Washington Inwood area of Manhattan as well as with other interested individuals and communities to organize and help create theatrical plays and performances.

We look forward to work creating a more humane world, a united community and a larger art scene.

what's going on

10th. Anniversary Teatro Las Tablas

April 22nd, 2017 | 8:30pm

On its tenth anniversary, Las Tablas celebrates the creativity, nourishments, sustaining energy that impels them to share the joy of making theater for the community. Let's toast for ten years of theater and the support, inspiration and work of Laura Acosta, Ana Montero, y Veronica Liu.

Los monólogos de la Vagina

April 22nd, 7:00pm

Teatro Las Tablas has presented The Vagina Monologues in Washington Heights since 2007 presenting more than 50 women on stage and has benefited organizations with Domestic Violence programs in Washington Heights.

This year we have on stage: Arysleida Lombert, Agar García, Claribel Ortiz, Karina Blancovi, Jany Oviedo, Peddy García, Maria Martínez, Ruth Tavares y Yolanny Rodríguez.

“Tablas” (wooden board of planks) is a term used in spanish that refers to a stage or to indicate experience performing and speaking in public. We mean to encourage professional and beginning actors un our productions and use theater techniques to develop residents and groups that work with it. We encourage personal explorations, community involvement, and social activism.